Christmas desserts

Christmas desserts

Christmas is  almost here!!

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Bordeaux and you are looking for the perfect dessert?

Our chef Diego has prepared for you the most delicious Christmas desserts. All made 100% with natural colours, flavours and of course, lots of love! We understand that after having a heavy Christmas meal, you would like to have something light and not too sweet, therefore we try our best to give you all the flavour without the excess of sugar and heaviness!

We are already taking reservations, make sure you pass by our shop or give us a call in case you’re not in Bordeaux to pass your order!

  • Raspberry and blackcurrant bûche. Made with a sponge base, raspberry crémeux, intense confit of raspberry and blackcurrant pieces, light raspberry and fresh mint cream, crunchy crumble.

  • Three chocolates Valrhona bûche. Sacher cake, dark chocolate sabayon, white chocolate crémeux, light milk chocolate cream, crunchy chocolate slabs.

  • Apple -Caramel bûche. Soft cake, Tahitian vanilla-tonka crémeux, apples slowly roasted with clementine juice, caramel cream, milk chocolate stars.

  1. Ice Cream Chocolate and Hazelnut bûche. (available for 6 people). Soft chocolate cake, Crunchy crumble cacao, hazelnut paste parfait, crunchy milk chocolate glaze, crunchy rocks, touch of honey Italian meringue .


4 people: 26€

6 people: 38 €

8 people 50 €

As we are a small boutique that makes everything homemade and fresh, we only offer our bûches for the 24 Decembre. On December 25th, we also propose our trays of mini choux by order.

  • Classic mini choux. 5 chocolate, 5 Tahitian vanilla, 5 praliné
  •  Exotic mini choux. 5 passion fruit-mango, 5 mandarine-coconut, 5 red fruits

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